Reasons to trade with us

Opening an account to trade commodities is probably easier than you think. Fill out some KYC paperwork, and we will take care of the rest.

We offer a state of the art, cross platform, cross device, simple to use trading and account platform.

Reasons to trade with us
Trade global markets with expert support and award-winning technology.

Expert client support
We offer superior support and personal account management.

Award-winning technology
Access our proprietary trading platform on your smartphone or desktop.

Trade the global markets
Find your trading opportunity across FX, Indices, Cryptos, and Commodities.

Trusted provider
Over 3,000 clients trade with us each month through our trading platforms.

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Market Overview
Future Options
Futures do not trade in shares as stocks do, rather they trade in standardized contracts. Each futures contract has a standard size that has been set by the futures exchange on which it trades. As an example, the contract size for gold futures is 100 troy ounces. That means when you buy one contract of gold futures, you have control of 100 troy ounces of gold. If the price of gold were to move $1 higher, it would result in a profit of $100 ($1 x 100 ounces). A new trader needs to become familiar with each commodity and futures contract since the quantity of different futures varies.
What you get with a full-service broker

With a discount broker such as Fidelity, Etrade, or Charles Schwab, you are simply paying to get your trades executed. For those with years ofexperience, the ability to analyze financial statements, and an understanding of businesses, this is ok. You just need someone to place the trades you order.

But for those without any financial experience or who want the comfort and security of a professional full-service broker, MetaProTrader is your answer.

MetaProTrader offers the following services

  • Access to unique and proprietary research
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Decades of Experience
  • The abillity to handle unique trade requests.
  • Opportunities to invest in commerial and institutional trading blocks
  • Access to initial public offerings.
Perhaps the biggest benefit for someone without experience is the opportunity to have a reputable firm guide you through the process. You will be better off in the long run because we will hold your hand through turbulent markets, helping you to avoid mistakes such as selling at market bottoms or buying during speculative bubbles.

We help you resist the temptation to bail at the wrong tiimes. It is amazing how many investors, who are the first to admit they don't know hide nor hare about the market, will call their broker and complain about a few percentage points drop. A financial representative from a major U.S. bank has said that when his client accounts were up more than 20%, no one called but a 4% drop in the markets caused an estimated were 250 calls to his office.

That is madness. We are a reputable firm with a proven history of good, long-term results, helping you stay the course and avoid unnecessary panic losses.

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