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Award-winning technology
Access our proprietary trading platform, TraderPro, on your smartphone or desktop.

Trusted provider
Over 5,000 clients trade with us each month through our trading platforms.

Trade the global markets
Find your trading opportunity across FX, Indices, Cryptos, Shares and Commodities.

Expert client support
We offer unsurpassed support and personal account management.

Peace of mind
Your funds are protected in segregated accounts at regulated banks, you can also access your account at any time.

Founded in 1998, MetaProTrader was built by the talented people. Developers, who created our award-winning trading platform. Customer support, who continually deliver our high levels of service. Professional traders and analysts, who offer daily market insights and award-winning education. Together, we not only deliver a great trading experience for our clients, we also create a great company to work for.

MetaProTrader Professional client service
Being classified as a Professional trader means that we will be able to tailor our products and trading conditions to meet your trading needs:

Personal relationship manager
Expert support direct from our trading floor.

Market analysis
Receive the latest trading ideas direct to your account page.

Bank Trust protected
Your funds will also continue to be segregated and will remain fully protected.

As an offshore commodities and forex trading firm, MetaProTrader offers a combination of first-class trading advice combined with an award winning client services team and a trading record that is second to none. Our clients consistantly make good returns with minimal downside due to our proprietary trading software.

MetaProTrader offers a selection of different financial services including both fully-managed and non-discretionary accounts to commodity, cryptocurrency and forex traders in most countries of the world.

Offshore trading brings the trader many advantages compared to investing in just the domestic market. Our expert tax staff can setup offshore banking and corporate structures that allow many to pay zero tax without breaking the law. As long as the trades are not made in the clients domestic market. Any and All information that MetaProTrader holds on our clients is 100% confidential and we do not give out that info for any reason. Gain access to many markets that are more lucrative than just investing domestically not to mention higher interest rates on cd's and bonds via our network of offshore bank connections.

Negative Balance Protection - you will be responsible for keeping your account balance positive and you could lose more than the sum you have invested

Leverage - by gaining access to higher leverage you risk magnifying your losses

Communication - we will use more sophisticated language when promoting our products and we will not be required to provide you with the standardised risk warning we provide to 'Retail' clients

Best Execution - the factors we consider when determining the delivery of Best Execution may differ between Retail and Professional clients

Products - we will assess how appropriate a product is based on your knowledge and experience.

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